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Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Bean to cup machines grind beans within the machine and extract a shot. Milk is also prepared within the machine and they are automatically poured and mixed into a cup.

Platinum Espresso Surface

With an effortless polished style, the So Pure Platinum Espresso Surface captures those indulgent flavours in every cup.

Offering state of the art simple to use touch screen drink selections, with up to 28 programmable choices, finding that perfect choice is never an issue. With the combination of the Platinum Collection craftsmanship, including the high quality Swiss brew system, pump and grinder, offering that optimum performance and precision every time. Whether it’s one cup or creating two cups simultaneously.

With an optional digital TFT screen, create the bigger picture, and combine touch technology and crystal clear TFT display. The So Pure Platinum Espresso Surface offers a defining coffee sensation and a perfect drinking destination.


  • Glass front fascia

  • Touch screen beverage selection

  • Larger branding area

  • Larger LED display for customer information

  • Rotatable cup stand for jugs

  • Height adjustable cup stand for medium and large

  • Branding on dispense cover

Double Bean Surface

Double Bean Surface offers even more capacity than before, enclosed with its stylish timeless glass polished style, with its unique dedicated double dispense head defines those drinking choices and flavours in every cup.

With the renown robust craftsmanship of So Pure’s Swiss brewer precision, delivering that perfect Espresso precision and golden Crème every time, our Double Beans System caters for even more choice of varieties of coffee, whether single or dual bean hopper with its dedicated dual functional brewer system, integrated with the latest in agile hopper capacity, all with sleek touch screen display and the latest TFT viewing display, the Double Bean Surface offers the next generation in coffee beverage technology.

  • Double dispense head

  • Touch screen beverage selection

  • Larger branding area

  • Rotatable cup stand for jugs

  • Height adjustable cup stand for medium and large

  • Intelligent dispense area illumination

  • Branding on dispense cover

Optional Drinks Centres

The So Pure Drinks Centres and Base Units epitomises the So Pure ethos, perfection through passion. With our drinks centre collection define the new generation of walk-up beverage technology and Base Units offering a seamlessly fit of inspiration to any drinking location. From cutting edge design and defining durable materials and robust construction ensures our beverage destination will be statement for any business and environment, no matter the size.

Designed to be compatible with the So Pure table top beverage collections Platinum onyx Noir and Viva Collection. The Drinks Centres Collection capture a central destination point for hot and cold drinks. With our Drinks Centres offering Borg & Overstrom Boste counter top water dispensers bestowing instant ambient, cold or sparkling water at a touch of a button. While our Base Units include optional USB & wireless mobile charge points. So create that contemporary drinking location, that can only be So Pure.

Primo Compact

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