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Traditional Coffee Machines

An espresso machine brews coffee by forcing pressurized water near boiling point through a “puck” of ground coffee and a filter in order to produce a thick, concentrated coffee called espresso

Hollywood Astoria

Astoria is proud to present Hollywood, the new espresso machine inspired by the revolutionary influences that invaded American cinemas in the 70s: from Easy Rider to Taxi Driver, it takes us on a journey through the cinematic culture of an iconic decade.

Five pop-art colors for compact, fluid curves. Characterised by bold stripes and cinematographic LED lights. The shot timer, which indicates the extraction time for each individual group, has been improved, along with the new, steam wands with a wider diameter. The flap racks means it can be used not just for espresso cups but also for glasses for latte-based drinks. In the SAE version it’s possible to pre-programme six doses.

  • Shot Timer – Indication of the extraction times for each group.

  • Flap rack in each group – Allows the machine to be used both for espresso cups and for glasses of milk-based beverages.

  • Larger diameter steam nozzles – Allow more consistency in the quality of the steam, improved milk frothing.

  • LED Work Light – Allows the “barista” to work in optimal conditions even in reduced visibility environments such as pubs, clubs, etc.

  • Six different pre-set doses in the SAE version.

  • Illuminated back panel.

Eclipse Espresso Machines

This high-performance range of Eclipse Espresso Machines are a pleasure to operate, and clad in sleek glass panelling, will add a shine to any establishment. With customisable side panels, the Eclipse is also ready to be personalised, whether you choose to add a lick of colour, or full branding – it’s a machine you’ll truly be proud to show off.

The ECLIPSE is currently available in the following configurations:

2 GROUP COMPACT (featuring two steam wands)

All configurations listed above feature tall espresso groups.

We realize that every serving space is unique, so to make sure that the Eclipse fits perfectly into any environment we are able to provide a customised design that shows off your business’s branding via custom inserts in the exterior side panels.

From the very first concept brief, the goal for the Eclipse was to follow the mantra of ‘form follows function’. The result is a feature-packed espresso machine that is as intuitive as it is attractive, with each feature and control mechanism becoming familiar to the user from the very first brew.

  • Straight anti-suction Steam wands ensure minimal steam restriction and anti-suction valves.

  • Automatic Cleaning means the group head and shower always stay clean and ready for the next brew.

  • Group Flushing. Keep each group clean and ready to go between brews with just the push of a button.

  • Soft Pre-infusion Heads allow coffee to develop its flavour naturally with pre-infusion and complete saturation in every dose.

RISE by Royal

Thanks to the new T.C.I. technology, each single group’s delivery temperature can be easily managed, with maximum precision. An innovative water preheating circuit guarantees excellent thermal stability, even in intense working conditions. Insulated boilers to save energy.

  • Elegant design

  • OLED display and patented steam tap

  • Multifunctional external display

  • Available in Total steel/Pink steel/Ultramarine steel/Total white/Total black

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